Creative Success Technology Limited

We are a company established in Hong Kong in 2018 to specialize in graphene-related applications.

We are using the world’s first Polyphasic Quantum Self-Coupled Reaction (PQSR) production technology has been adopted to produce high-purity, low-cost, non-polluting, non-emission and high-efficiency scale Graphene is used as an application material.

Our team members have more than five years of experience in product application solutions, and our services include active delivery of one-stop graphene application materials and solutions based on customer needs.

Today’s applications include graphene heat-dissipating coatings, which can be widely used in electronics, motors, lighting and other industries. Graphene modified engineering plastics can meet specific requirements such as heat conduction and hardness. Applications under development include graphene fiber materials, anti-corrosion coatings, and lithium battery separators.